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General FAQ’s

How can I find out if a check has cleared, what my balance is or amount of my Direct Deposit?

  A: All of this can be done through Internet Banking, a free service available to all West Chester Savings Bank customers. You can also: View accounts and account balances, view up to 90 days of account history, transfer funds between accounts, make payments on loans at West Chester Savings Bank, submit change of address information, request stop payment orders for checks, etc.

How do I place a stop payment on an item?

A:Through Internet Banking, in the lobby at 1060 W Monroe or by calling 319-653-2265.

What is the daily limit for a debit card?

A: Card limits can vary; please call 319-653-2265

If I have a checking account and a loan can I make an automatic loan payment?

A: Yes. You can set it up yourself through Internet Banking or West Chester Savings Bank can set it up for you. Please call 319-653-2265 for more assistance if needed.

When using the Bill Payment option how is the transaction completed?

A: Electronic payments will be made within 2-3 business days of posting to your account. If a payee isn't set up to accept electronic payments, the system will issue a paper check and payment will be made via mail.  It is recommended that you allow 5-8 business days from the date of posting for delivery. When you set up a payee using the Bill Pay system, the Bill Payer screen will tell you whether or not it is equipped to receive electronic payments.

 Can I receive my bank statement electronically?

A: Electronic statements (e-statements) can be received once you are enrolled into Internet Banking.

How can I sign up for Internet Banking?

A: Begin today! Register Here.

What does it take to open a checking or savings account?

A: Photo I.D.  from state issued Driver’s License, US passport or a Social Security number

How do I reorder checks?

  A: In the lobby at 1060 W Monroe, or online at www.deluxe.com

Can I get a debit card and what are the charges?

A: Debit cards are available with any checking account. We do not charge when our ATM is used, although other banks can charge if you use their ATM. We are also a part of Shazam’s privileged status so any ATM on the privileged status network is free as well.

How long does it take to get a debit card?

  A: Approximately 7-10 days.

How do I transfer funds between accounts?

A:Through Internet Banking, in the lobby at 1060 W Monroe or by calling 319-653-2265.

What is MasterCard SecureCode Activation and why are online retailers requiring it?

A: SecureCode is a service that helps protect MasterCard card accounts against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between an individual cardholder and his or her financial institution. Once a cardholder activates the service, the card cannot be used at a participating Internet merchant without authentication by an authorized user of the account. The overall objective of SecureCode is to improve the security of payment transactions in the electronic commerce environment. It is designed to improve both cardholder and merchant confidence in Internet purchases, as well as reduce disputes and fraudulent activity related to the use of MasterCard payment cards.